1st Solar Battery Swapping in Bangladesh

More than 4 million electric 3-wheelers serve 40 million daily commuters in Bangladesh. For quick visit to an important family member, or to carry goods from the local market, personal or commercial, this is the primary mode of transport. We are making it efficient, affordable and sustainable.

Enabling Energy Transition Through Micro Energy Entrepreneurs

The entire 1+ million fleet of electric three-wheelers are now recharged through a fossil fuel grid. Our service ensures the energy source is dominantly renewable.

Micro Energy Entrepreneurs

Creating 200,000 women-led micro-energy enterprises for network growth

Solar Recharging

Use of renewables to reduce grid dependancy and move majority of energy demand from fossil fuel sources to renewable

Data-driven Energy Management

Analytics driven swapping network expansion, energy demand forecasting and operations management.

How Does It Work?

A quick and hassle-free battery usage experience

Check Battery Status

The vehicle operator will check their mobile app or onboard vehicle display for latest battery charge status.

Approach Nearest Swapping Point

Use mobile app to go to nearest available swapping station.

Return Used Battery

Interact with swapping station through mobile app, and return used battery. Make payment through any mobile financial services.

Collect Fresh Battery

Take freshly charged battery from the station and dock in the vehicle. Drive onwards until the next swap!